We Connect Classes start at 9:30am and don't let out until 10:15am. Please don't drop children off for Children's Church until after 10:15am.


When church starts, our deacons lock all doors except for main sanctuary doors. Children are kept in a protective environment and are not released until their parents pick them up from the Blue Room at the end of the service.

We Connect Classes Start at 9:30am

All of our We Connect Classes (Pre K - 6th Grade) are using the Answers in Genesis curriculum. Our teachers enjoy teaching the basics of Christianity starting at a young age. We teach the the Bible is true and that Jesus is our Creator and Savior!

Children's Church starts at 10:30am

In Children's Church, we are preparing our kids for "Big Church" but with a little fun! We start off the morning with a snack and a brief video to keep their attention. Then around 10:45am, we start our version of "Praise & Worship." We sing songs, dance, and enjoy praising our King. At 11:00am, Ms. Becky does an introduction of the day's lesson on our interactive smart projector. Our Pre-K class does their own music in the Fellowship Hall, then dismisses to their rotations which include lesson, craft, rec, and enrichment (this class enriches the lesson for the day.) During this time, the 6-8 year olds do their lesson, look up Bible verses, and answer trivia questions. Around 12:00pm, everyone comes back into the Blue Room for a closing and dismissal.

Current Needs

We give snacks every week during Children's Church so we go through about 65 bags of chips and Capri Suns every week. Donations of those items are always accepted.